The latest news from RMSHC.

General Meeting !

RMSHC's General Meeting- The RMSHC officers and board have voted to cancel the April General Meeting due to Government restrictions on meetings of groups of people in order to combat the spread of COVID-19. Also, the school where our meetings are held is closed until further notice. It is unclear at this time how long restrictions will last. In addition, the annual awards ceremony and the pot luck dinner will be postponed to an as yet undetermined future date.

Our 2020 Specialty has been postponed indefinitely because of COVID-19.  There is a good possibility that it will be rescheduled for October 30, 31, November 1. 

Some background on RMSHC

The Rocky Mountain Siberian Husky Club (RMSHC) is a Denver area Breed Club devoted to the preservation and enjoyment of the Siberian Husky. Through the years, many members have worked long and hard to establish the Club as a mutual meeting place for all Siberian owners. This is a club where all may learn more about the Siberian breed and share in various Club activities, whether it be showing, sledding, companion or pet dogs. Meetings are held monthly and the programs may include the following; nutrition, simple genetics, inherited diseases - such as hip dysplasia and eye diseases, care and grooming, conformation, obedience and racing training. Various activities are: licensed specialty show, yearly eye examination clinic, fun matches, potluck dinners and other social gatherings throughout the year.

Our About the Breed Page has a brief history of the Siberian Husky. The Club History page has a very detailed account of RMSHC's beginning. We have also included information on the club's membership requirements, our biannual specialty show, books on the Siberian Husky and sled dogs in general and some links to Siberian Husky and sled dogs related sites.

The Rocky Mountain Siberian Husky Club (RMSHC) meets in the Denver Metro area on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM. The business meeting is followed by light refreshments and a program. Visitors and guests are always welcome to attend. We publish a monthly newsletter, Husky Talk, that is available by e-mail to non-members upon request. Husky Talk is published in the week preceding a meeting, so that recipients are notified of the meeting location and program.